About WildShe

WildShe’s mission is to offer finely crafted pieces of jewelry that honor and support connection amongst women, with the Earth, and the divine. WildShe aspires to support women on a path to wholeness within themselves, in order to raise the frequency and quality of living for humanity and the environment. WildShe jewelry feels good energetically and serves as a reminder for the wearer to stay connected and in-tune to that something special she would like to cultivate, heal or manifest. How do we value and nurture ourselves as women? It is WildShe’s purpose to bring a sense of support, wonder, and joy in connecting with energy-activated stones and crystals.

 Crystals are amazing tools for facilitating connection with Spirit, earth energies, emotions, and support to bring about a change in one’s life. Each crystal carries a unique vibration and healing quality. If worn, carried, or meditated with, the crystal can affect the wearer’s energy by balancing it and attuning her to specific qualities that are intrinsic to the stone.


What makes WildShe jewelry “Energy Activated”? 

The concept of energy-activated jewelry refers to the specific qualities of the stones and crystals used in all WildShe pieces. A combination of energies from the Earth, Spirit, stones, metals, geometric designs, and focused intention all contribute to the energy of the pieces. At WildShe, we believe connecting to the earth and spirit go hand-in-hand.

Each stone is hand-picked based on: where the stones have been sourced, how the stones have been processed, and the energetic quality of each piece. As WildShe grows, we look forward to honoring and supporting the connection between ourselves, Earth, and Spirit by offering higher quality vibrational pieces charged at sacred or energetically significant sites. Stay posted for more info to come!


Who designs and crafts WildShe jewelry?

All WildShe jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by Leigh Schneider, a jeweler with a background in metal restoration and silversmithing. Leigh began her creative journey as a bench jeweler for a local jewelry company, where she learned the foundations of her craft. Her knowledge of stones from personal study then led her to work as a stone buyer where she was able to expand her scope in connecting with dealers and tradespeople. Leigh is currently pursuing her certification as a gemologist and is a professional-level member of the International Gemological Society. Her goal, in time, is to procure stones from solely ethical sources. At this moment, there is no standard or laws that the industry must adhere to regarding the sourcing of semi precious stones. This is an issue near and dear to Leigh’s heart, and she will continue to pursue the highest quality within reach, pushing for change and kindness to the Earth’s precious offerings.