Clear Quartz

a cluster of shimmery quartz crystals

Clear quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth as well as the stone that has the most versatility for metaphysical purposes. It is a principal component of a variety of other minerals, such as; obsidian, agate, sandstone, and, man-made glass is also primarily composed of clear quartz. Clear Quartz activates all chakras and is associated with the Storm element.

Due to its ability to produce electromagnetic energy called piezoelectricity, this amazing stone is used in a variety of modern technologies. It has been used by industry since WW I in the development of technologies such as SONAR, radio transmitters, and time-keeping mechanisms in watches, to name a few.

On a more spiritual, and metaphysical note, other properties of this most versatile mineral include, the ability to store memory, and amplify energy. Therefore, Clear Quartz is programmable, and often used for manifesting intentions. It both holds, and amplifies the energy of intention so that the desired outcome of the intention can be manifested more swiftly.

Clear Quartz is also a stone of light, and when meditated with, or worn on the body, it can deepen the meditative state, and clear the way for higher vibrational thoughts, feelings, and for spiritual guidance to come through. 

Clear Quartz’s amplification quality can also be used to amplify the qualities of other types of stones it is near. Sometimes, the energy of Clear Quartz alone can feel a bit too intense for some people. However, if used or worn together with other stones, especially those that are more grounding or calming in nature, they can soften Clear Quartz’s intensity.

Please note, Clear Quartz’s ability to store and amplify energy is non-discriminate, and will magnify negative energy as well. Therefore, it is a good idea to cleanse or clear your quartz crystals often.

As you can see, the attributes of Clear Quartz are many. The ones I have mentioned here are the most prominent, however, there are more to discover. Clear Quartz is a great way to start a crystal journey. Hope you enjoy the adventure!